The Moon’s 2-way orbital locking onto Earth and Venus retrograde orbit explained

Keredine’s Theory of The Moon’s gravitational lock onto Earth, The Earth inner structure, the out of sync spin of the inner solid core and mantle/shell causing the induction effect, the Theory of Gravity revised, And Venus retrograde orbit explained.

Full details, updates and in depth explanations of these discoveries are in the Book “Keredine’s Rosetta stone of astronomy” released May 2019 on Amazon

Keredine’s Rosetta Stone of Astronomy: Planet Venus Retrograde orbit Explained, the Solar System deciphered, The Greatest Scientific Discovery of the Twenty … and Astrophysics (Astronomy & Astrophysics)

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During its flight, NASA’s Galileo spacecraft returned images of the Earth and Moon. Separate images of the Earth and Moon were combined to generate this view.

Keredine’s Key to Astronomy and Astrophysics

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